How to Avoid Common Scheduling Delays in Your Next Commercial Construction Project

When working on commercial construction projects, it is extremely important for everything to be organized and planned down to the last detail. Failure to do so can result in the nightmare unfolding of delays. Projects that are delayed cause a chain reaction of potential problems and ultimately waste time and money on an uncompleted project. This potential headache can be completely avoided by following an organized plan. PAR 44 Builders knows all about the importance of time management and organization when it comes to commercial construction projects. Find out how you can avoid common scheduling delays in your next project!


Steps to Avoid Scheduling Delays

While some scheduling delays may not be directly your fault, the pace and organization of the project still lie in your hands. Take control of the project by establishing and completing the following steps in order to prevent any delays.

    1. Fill out and complete necessary permits for the project. Everyone working in this industry understands the importance of obtaining the correct permits from the city. Although it can be an annoyingly slow process, completing the necessary permits and insurance is essential to a smooth-running project. If you think skipping this step will save time, you will face legal fines and project delays.
    2. Carefully plan the project out completely, from start to finish, to ensure there are no hiccups or potential challenges. Be sure to include enough detail to make the plans specific enough for everyone to follow. Periodical inspections need to be scheduled and planned accordingly depending on the stage of the project. If the project is poorly thought out or planned, the project runs the risk of having scheduling delays, especially if inspections aren’t met.
    3. Choose a responsible project manager. The success of a project lies in the hands of the project manager, so it is important to choose wisely. They not only control the speed and oversee the entire project, but they are in contact with the client throughout the project. A project manager should be responsible, trustworthy, and have a realistic vision for the project. By choosing a project manager with those qualities, there will be minimal issues throughout the process.
    4. Plan in advance to secure contractors’ schedules. Just as your project schedule will fill up fast, so will the contractors’ schedules. It is crucial to plan in advance to get the time schedule you want for your project. If you decide to wait until the last minute, you will be left waiting weeks until the contractor can fit you in.
    5. Stay in constant communication. Similar to every aspect of the project, communication is key when wanting to avoid any confusion or potential delays. This means communication from the project manager to the contractor to the client. Everyone who is in the loop should receive real-time updates. This will not only ensure everyone is on the same page but keep the client happy knowing the details of their project.


What Happens if the Project Gets Delayed?

Nobody plans for there to be delays in the project, especially when there’s a time crunch, but sometimes, they happen. While the steps above show how they can easily be avoided, here are the outcomes if steps are skipped. Delays can cause:

  • Legal Disputes. If the necessary permits and inspections are not completed throughout the project, there will be legal consequences. This may vary from large fines and city penalties to project shutdown or even project demolition. It is NOT worth skipping steps.
  • Additional Labor Wages. Since project delays mean the project will be continuing for a longer period of time than originally expected, workers will be working for more time. They will need to be compensated for the additional labor since the project will be going into overtime. This takes a larger chunk out of the budget for the project.
  • Additional Project Expenses. Delays can mean that materials will be needed to be put in storage for a longer amount of time. As a result, more time means more money spent and less money made.
  • Damaged Reputation. Each project is a new opportunity to continue to represent your company’s standards and ethics to new clients. Project delays and the consequences that follow will damage your reputation in the industry and with clients. Not only will the reputation of those working on the project be damaged, but it could fall on the reputation of the client. That is a quick way to lose a client and earn a bad review.
  • Financial Problems. All of the mentioned outcomes lead to the ultimate outcome of financial problems. As delays pile up, so does the cost of the project. Not only that, the company or business won’t be making any money since their building is not complete. While projects can recover from small delays, it is difficult for a business to recover from financial setbacks.


PAR 44 Builders Plan Ahead and Avoid Delays

At PAR 44 Builders, we understand the importance of time and money when it comes to completing a project. We aim to provide our clients with our highest standard of quality while preserving the time spent on a project. We guarantee the fastest turnaround time so that you get the best possible experience in the shortest amount of time without hindering the quality. By strategically planning ahead and understanding the speed of the industry, PAR 44 Builders is able to avoid scheduling delays and produce completed projects. If you are looking to complete new construction, commercial remodeling, or commercial project management, contact us at 727-638-7421 to schedule a consultation.

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