PAR Builders Launches PAR 44 Builders: Commercial Construction Branch

PAR Builders is excited to announce the launch of its new commercial construction branch: PAR 44 Builders. While the original PAR Builders entity will continue to focus on their successful mini-storage development projects, PAR 44 focuses on projects involving storefront renovation, office renovation, painting services, and landscaping services. The PAR 44 team will take on projects in the Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco counties.


The PAR Builders Organization is a three-generational family-run business. Since 1978, Jerry Ciaravino and his son, Robert Ciaravino have completed over 350 commercial projects for PAR Builders. Now 43 years later, Robert’s son, Bryce Ciaravino has joined the team to help form the new branch of PAR 44 Builders. With family being at the center of their business, PAR 44 will continue to build off the success and momentum of Jerry and Robert’s foundation. “I am excited to continue what my grandpa and father have started,” explains Bryce Ciarvaino.


When asked about the significance of the 44 in the name, Robert explained how his brother, Dr. Michael Ciaravino, recently passed away from cancer. His childhood sport’s number was 44 which holds a lot of value to the Ciaravino family. Michael was a big part of PAR Builders through his investments and support. “Family is an important aspect of our business so we want to honor our brother’s legacy,” says President of PAR 44 Builders, Robert Ciaravino. “Our business would not have been as successful without the help of our brother. While Michael isn’t physically here with us today, his memory and number 44 will always be a part of our business.”


PAR 44 Builders is founded on familial values, integrity, and quality craftsmanship. The company is committed to providing the highest standard of construction by maintaining the line of communication between the General Contractor, architect, and client. Through their years of experience in PAR Builders, PAR 44 Builders is ready to serve commercial clients with the same top-quality development results and partnership.


Over the last four decades Par Builders has completed hundreds of commercial projects across the Tampa Bay metro area. Building on our legacy of construction excellence, we look forward to serving commercial and industrial clients across the Tampa Bay region in the years ahead. Given our vast experience, we are well prepared to successfully complete projects in these areas: office building renovations, retail strip center renovations, warehouse renovations or conversions, multi-family remodeling, and much more.


For more information on PAR 44 Builders, please see the contact information below.

Contact: Rob Ciaravino, PAR 44 Builders

Phone: (727) 532-6111


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