6 Custom Fence Ideas for Your Commercial Property

Are you a commercial business in the Tampa Bay metro area looking for a custom fence solution? Fences not only offer your business protection and sense of privacy, but are also important exterior accessory pieces that will add beauty to your property. It is easy to get overwhelmed when considering which fence design and material you should go for. If you are looking for some fence ideas for your business in Pinellas or Hillsborough County, then you are at the right place. Consider the following creative fences and be ready to be inspired.


Traditional Vertical Picket Fence

Vertically hung fence pickets have been the traditional and the most common type of fence. Yet, they will not be boring or look alike since you can easily customize your fence just by adding space between each picket or choosing a different fence top design.


Modern Horizontal Slat Fence

Simply rotate the traditional pickets 90 degrees and voilà, we have the modern horizontally aligned slat fence that provides privacy, style, and beauty. Sealing gaps between boards will create full privacy, while installing slats slightly apart from each other can add light to your garden and make it seem larger.


Vinyl Fence

If your priorities are privacy, cleanliness, and affordability, consider a vinyl fence. It offers more styles and colors to choose from and requires less maintenance than a wood fence. Moreover, it can be purchased in pre-built panels, making it easy to install and add privacy to your garden.


Greenery Aluminum Fence

Another low-maintenance fencing option is aluminum. Although it does not provide as much privacy as other fencing types, aluminum fences are strong, durable and won’t rust, and can be beautified with climbing vines. Within a few growing seasons, plants like wisteria, climbing hydrangea, and rambling roses can provide full coverage to your fence as well as pleasant colors and aroma. This greenery combination will create a stylish fence that coordinates well with the surroundings.


Indochina Bamboo Fence

A bamboo fence can transform your backyard into a relaxing zen garden. Bamboo poles are very diverse in size, color, and width, which will make your bamboo fence unique. You can enhance durability to a bamboo fence by combining metal posts and frames and applying bamboo protector solutions to the fence.


Electronic Gate Access

Many businesses will require an electronic gate feature to allow ease of access and improved security. Electronic gates have evolved a lot in recent years. Please contact Par 44 Builders to discuss design ideas that leverage automatic gate openers with remotes or even gates that can be controlled via an app on your mobile phone.


Why Par 44 Builders

PAR Builders, Inc. has been serving the Tampa Bay area since 1978. During that time, quality craftsmanship has been the cornerstone of our company. We have completed hundreds of commercial projects across the Tampa Bay area over the last four decades. During this time we have completed a wide variety of construction projects, such as: office buildings, retail strip centers, warehouses, multi-family units, and more. Contact Par 44 Builders to discuss your next commercial construction, renovation, or value-add project.

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